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Pryor Montana

A small community nesting off the hillsides of the  beautiful Pryor mountain range.  Pryor is the home to some very special people.  The history of this little town is not readily available to the public.  But I would like to dedicate a page for just this purpose.   

Pryor Community, Activities, Attractions, Local Talent.

Plenty Coups (1848-1932),
Native American chief of the Crow, born near what is now Billings, Mont. Plenty Coups never fought white settlers, but he did fight other enemies of the Crow people. Plenty Coups learned English and negotiated in Washington, D.C., as well as for the Northern Pacific Railroad. In the War for the Black Hills (1876-77), Plenty Coups offered Indian scouts to Gen. George Crook to use against the Sioux. In 1883 he claimed payment on behalf of the Crow for lands that had been given to the railroads. In 1904 he was made chief of all the Crow. During World War I, Plenty Coups encouraged his people to enlist in the United States Army. In 1921 he was asked to participate in a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, Va. He closed the ceremony by putting his warbonnet on the grave. Plenty Coups' land and house are now a park and museum dedicated to Crow history in Montana. He died in 1932 in Pryor, Mont., and the Mountain Crow made him the last designated tribal Chief

Chief Plenty Coups State Park from Billings: Follow signs on I-90, Exit 452. 35 miles south on Highway 416, then 1 mile west of Pryor on county (Edgar) road.
 Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks
PO Box 100
Pryor, MT 59066

Phone: 406-252-1289
Fax: 406-252-6668





Kevin Red Star

I have been blessed with the opportunity of knowing Kevin Red Stars and his family. Kevin's brother Wallis Red Star is a dear old friend who has dedicated his life in building a beautiful ranch which cradles along side of the Pryor mountains. Kevin is a wonderful person who has many hopes and dreams for his people.




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Crow Fair

Wild Horse Range

Chief Plenty Coups Museum

Indian Rodeo


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